Manage Your World Cup Absences

Manage Your World Cup Absences

Free guide helps businesses prevent World Cup absences Employers can get advice to ensure this summer’s World Cup does not disrupt their business, following the publication of the free World Cup and absence management guidance by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The guide suggests strategies such as flexible working, shift swapping and unpaid leave could be used to allow employees to legitimately watch important matches when they would otherwise be working. This it says could prevent unauthorised absences which risk compromising the needs of business. The guide also states that special screenings of World Cup matches on work premises could help boost staff morale. Businesses are obliged to have an up-to-date TV licence if they do this. “Research sugg... »

Website Provides Recession Survival Advice

Website Provides Recession Survival Advice

Small firms in need of business support to help them get through the recession can now use a new free website launched by accountant association AVN. Available at, the site includes a range of free tools, resources, training and guidance put together by more than 200 accountants and expert advisers. Practical support includes a comprehensive review tool, which is designed to help businesses strengthen their cashflow. Firms can also compare their performance against competitors or others in their sector with the site’s benchmarking reports. As well as identifying strengths and weaknesses, the report will advise businesses on how they can best survive the recession, based on individual results. Other content available to download includes videos of business... »

Holiday Survey For Small Businesses

Business Owners Miss Out on Breaks

Business owners and managers are risking stress and burnout because they are failing to take holidays this year due to tough economic conditions. In a survey of businesses carried out by research organisation Continental Research, fewer than half of managers said they plan to be away from work for at least two weeks this year, and 12 per cent said they will have no time off at all. A spokesperson for Continental Research said: “We asked small–business bosses whether they anticipate taking a holiday this year and how long they were planning on being away. 28 per cent of them said they were spending a shorter time than normal away from work,” “The big difference we found was between the response from bosses at small firms and the mid to large businesses; bosses at med... »

Company Car Tax Guide

If you make a car available to your employees and it is available for private use (including commuting), your employees have to pay tax on the benefit of this. In the same way, they have to pay tax if you provide free or subsidised fuel for private use in that car. Where these benefits are taxable, employers and other providers (but not employees) are liable to pay Class 1A NICs. In general, the benefit charge is lower for cleaner and cheaper cars. This is to encourage you and your employees to choose cars which are less damaging to the environment. This company car tax guide guide provides information on how the benefit charge is calculated. This Company Car Tax Guide – Crown Copyright © 2012 »

Computerising Accounts

A Simple Guide to Computerising Your Accounts Looking after the accounts is an integral part of running a business. A company needs constant financial management to ensure that it is maintaining its progress in its marketplace, and therefore accurate and realistic financial information should be available at all times. The tasks may appear daunting at first, but there are ways to simplify the process. Picture the Scene It’s the end of your financial quarter, or the end of your financial year. Your accounts, although filed and organised, will involve a lot of manual work. Bits will have been kept on a spreadsheet and will be computerised already; other parts will be held manually in books or files, or still be in piles waiting to be filed. If this is a scenario you recognise then it c... »

Integrating Back Office And Online Systems Guide

Integrating (linking) your back office and online systems can make your business more efficient and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. What are Back Office and Online Systems, and why do they need integrating? Back Office Systems Back office systems take care of all your business administration processes. Back Office systems can be manual – based on sales ledgers, typewriters, invoices and so on – but these days they are more commonly an automated set of processes run by a piece of software on your computer. A back office system – typically set up in an accounting package will: record all sales transactions record all purchases update inventory records accordingly generate all appropriate paperwork – such as invoices, receipts, etc. Many back office s... »

Sick Pay Guide for Employers

Information Further Help For more information about SSP you can also visit the Department for Work & Pensions website at For more information about employment rights employees and employers can contact Acas, go to or phone 08457 474 747. Statutory Sick Pay calculator The Statutory Sick Pay calculator is available on the HMRC website – go to The calculator will help employers work out if their employee is entitled to SSP and if so, provide a schedule of the weekly payments that employers should make. It will also help you work out if employers are entitled to recover any of the SSP they have paid to all their employees in each tax month. Employees and employers in Northern Ireland Arrangements in Northern Ireland are bas... »

Disability Discrimination Act – Access To Goods And Services

Making Access to Goods and Services Easier for Disabled Customers: A Practical Guide for Small Businesses and Other Service Providers Foreword by the Federation of Small Businesses “As the main organisation representing small businesses, we welcome this practical guide on making access to goods and services easier for disabled customers. Among our 160,000 members – covering all types of businesses – we know that there is an appreciation of the needs of disabled customers and a willingness to do what is practically achievable to improve both premises and service provision for all customers. This guide has been written specifically with small businesses and other small service providers in mind, and we are certain that you will find in it plenty of practical suggestions for... »

Companies House – Directors and Secretaries Guide

This Companies House Directors and Secretaries article is a guide only and should be read with the relevant legislation. Introduction The director, or directors, must manage the company’s affairs in accordance with its articles of association and the law. Certain responsibilities apply to all directors, whether executive or non-executive, and to all types of company whether trading or not. The company secretary has a few duties set out in the legislation, and may be given others by the articles or the directors. Private companies must have at least one director. Public limited companies must have at least two directors and a company secretary. A private limited company does not have to have a company secretary but it can choose to include in its articles a requirement to have one. Fr... »

ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide for Small Business A quick guide for directors and management teams in Small and Medium sized Enterprises considering whether to move to ADSL Broadband connection. Introduction to Broadband Once you’ve got broadband, it’s hard to imagine how you ever did without it. Broadband means that the World Wide Wait is over. Much of the frustration surrounding business use of the Web disappears. You can, for example, send or receive emails with the big attachments in seconds, not minutes. Broadband means that you and all your staff can use Web, email and phone at the same time, all the time, from a single telephone line – and all for a flat fee. Like electricity or tap water, Broadband is ‘always on’. You need never dial the internet again. Access to the... »

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