green fleet management

10 Tips for Green Fleet Management

There are a number of ways to make your business fleet greener. Not only is this better for the environment, but green fleet management is a cost-effective strategy for you as a business. It’s all about the bigger picture for businesses today – commitment to your social and environmental impact is more important than ever. Through greener fleet management, you can be kinder to the environment, earn brownie points for “doing your bit” and make savings that will ultimately improve your bottom line. So below are ten top tips from The Energy Savings Trust to a greener way of managing your business fleet. Promote vehicles with low CO2 emissions to help reduce employee car tax and National Insurance. Evaluate alternative fuel cars to see if they might benefit your fleet. ... »

Efficient Driving – Green Fleet Management

It makes good environmental and commercial sense to ensure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible. And if you take the appropriate measures, there are often significant savings to be made. Choosing the Right Vehicle for the Right Job The most important thing you can do as a fleet manager is make sure you always have the right vehicles for the right jobs. On a simple level, this means deciding whether a sales representative should drive a saloon or an estate car. However, because not all vehicles and fuels are created equal, it’s not really a question of saloon versus estate; rather it’s which specific saloon or estate should you be buying. It is therefore of paramount importance that you thoroughly evaluate all new vehicles that may potentially gain a place in yo... »