Green Deal

Green Deal Scheme Saves Money for Small Business

Small firms will save money and be able to improve premises with no upfront costs under the Government’s Green Deal scheme, which comes into effect next year. Part of the new Energy Bill 2010-2011, the Green Deal will enable small businesses to access up to £10,000 to pay for energy efficiency work, repaying the costs through savings on their energy bills. The scheme will work by enabling firms to access Green Deal finance in the form of ‘green’ loans from accredited providers, which will operate the pay-as-you-save framework. Details are yet to be confirmed but likely partners include high street banks and the Carbon Trust, which already offers interest-free loans to small businesses. Improvements in areas such as heating, lighting and insulation are likely to be the main priority a... »

Government’s Green Deal will help Small Businesses

The Government’s recently announced Green Deal scheme will mean small firms can afford to make energy efficiency savings to their premises, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has said. Under the terms of the Green Deal, due to launch in 2012, businesses will be able to make energy efficiency improvements to their premises, such as insulation, at no upfront cost. Repayments will be made through their energy bills only once the bills start to show savings from the improvements. The scheme will be attached to the property rather than to the business, so that if businesses move, the new occupier will continue the repayments. “Small businesses find the pay–as–you–save mechanism a good method of ‘greening’ their buildings.” said FSB policy adviser, Francis Wood. “They’re ... »