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Adopting Sustainability to Drive Business: The Intangible Value Created by Sustainable Business Practices

Adopting Sustainability to Drive Business: The Intangible Value Created by Sustainable Business Practices

A business’s good reputation is one of its most important assets. Reputations impact on your ability to attract and retain the best people and secure customer loyalty. A good reputation can also give you the opportunity to charge a premium for goods and services and give you a competitive advantage when similar goods or services are available at a similar cost and quality. Sustainability is still an emerging concept for business. Those performing consistently well can use sustainability as a lever for enhancing their reputation and differentiating themselves from competitors. As sustainability becomes more mainstream – and it won’t take long – then those without a sustainability strategy will experience the damaging effect of a bad reputation. Reputation enhances business value Studies sho... »

How Going Green Makes Business Sense

For the majority of businesses, being ‘green’ is far from a priority. In fact, many believe that being environmentally friendly is too much of an investment of time and money for too little business benefit. The reality however is, thousands of UK businesses are reaping the rewards of investing a small amount of time in becoming a more efficient, greener operation. How being green saves money A business looking to take action on being green for the first time results in much improved resource efficiency. Research from Envirowise, the Government support service for the environment, shows that a business can save up to £1,000 per year, per employee from taking such steps. Surprisingly, such significant savings do not require massive effort. For example, simply swapping inef... »

Going Green Still Possible in Difficult Market, say Small Businesses

Three-quarters of small firms believe it is still possible to be green in the current economic climate, research from the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has found. The FPB poll of 106 businesses found that the majority of small businesses believed being green was beneficial to their bottom line and have implemented greener practices despite the difficult economy. More than a quarter of small firms have reduced their energy consumption and a similar number have invested in energy-efficient equipment. In addition, around four in ten have tightened up business processes, such as cutting down on travel or switching utility providers. However, the study highlighted that financial constraints were still a barrier for some firms when it came to making big changes. More than half (52%) believed t... »

Small Businesses Still Need Help in Going Green

Around 85% of the UK’s SMEs have put “going green” firmly on the business agenda during the next five years according to research by ISP Eclipse Internet. The figures suggest that our small & Medium Sized Enterprises are keen to cut their carbon footprint but also require more assistance from the government, saying that there is not enough support for their green business efforts. Having an environmentally friendly business, or at least “doing their bit” to cut down on waste and pollution, is apparently high on the list of priorities for UK small business and already many of them are putting into place measures to cut carbon. Mostly these efforts rely on: 76% of businesses now recycling or intending to recycle 67% of businesses reducing their waste or draw... »