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Reduce Costs with Greener Practices

Want to improve your bottom line by greener practices? Log on to our live web chat this Thursday to get some expert advice on how to reduce workplace energy consumption Show date: Thursday 19th November Show start time: 15:30 New figures released by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) show huge amounts of money and valuable resources could be saved by making a few simple changes to business practice. Steps such as switching off a single computer and monitor potentially saving £35 a year can have a massive impact on the bottom line of any organisation, large or small. Simple environmental actions translate into real cost savings for businesses, and this message needs to infiltrate the workplace. It is easier than it seems to integrate energy efficient prac... »

Free Funding for Energy Efficiency

Theo Paphitis, best known for his appearances on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, is today calling on businesses to scrap outdated equipment and save millions on their energy bills. In a bid to reduce the C02 emissions produced by businesses every year, Joan Ruddock MP is launching the Carbon Trust’s Big Business Refit – to coincide with Energy Saving Week – which is giving out £100m interest-free to help small and medium sized companies modernise their businesses. According to new research released by the Carbon Trust’s, British businesses are being forced to "make do and mend" with old, inefficient equipment, costing businesses £3.3bn a year in wasted energy. One London firm that has already taken advantage of the Big Business Refit is Stewart... »

Energy Performance Certificate for Commercial Property

EPC’s extended to all commercial properties

The Government has reminded business–owners that all firms selling or letting commercial property are now obliged to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This legal requirement was introduced on 1 October 2008 and aims to give business–owners a better idea of the energy efficiency of their building, and to provide prospective commercial property owners, or tenants, with crucial information before making a decision. Previously, the legislation only applied to buildings bigger than 2,500 square metres. But now any firm which fails to provide potential buyers or tenants with an EPC risks a fine equivalent to 12.5% of the rateable value of their property. The EPC grades a buildings energy efficiency on a scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient. The average ratin... »

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SMEs place Energy Efficiency at top of Cost-Cutting Agenda

More than a quarter of small firms would place energy efficiency at the top of their cost cutting measures. Research from the Carbon Trust revealed that 69% of small businesses are cutting costs or considering doing so. Of these, 27% stated they would prioritise energy efficiency, 17% would make redundancies and 24% would introduce salary freezes or below inflation pay rises. Commenting on the research, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ (ACCA) head of social and environmental issues, Rachel Jackson, said: “It’s sensible to start cutting energy first before getting rid of staff, from a workplace morale point of view as well as an environmental one. It’s an easier thing to implement than the other measures, and one of the aspects they have the most c... »