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Data Protection Act

Small firms unsure of Data Protection obligations

One in four small–businesses owners do not believe their firm is meeting its obligations under the Data Protection Act (DPA), software firm Invu has warned. All businesses that store people’s personal details, such as customer or employee records, are required to comply with the DPA. The Act also states that individuals have the right to access the personal information that businesses hold about them. However, the Invu research revealed that a third of small firms failed to realise that the DPA includes all paper–based documents and not just those stored electronically. Invu chief executive David Morgan said: “The premise of the Data Protection Act is very solid but implementing and managing it is not quite so clear, so it’s little wonder that many SMEs are co... »

Email and Web Security: Everything you need to know

A Non-Technical Guide For Owners And Managers Of Small To Medium Sized Businesses Understand the risks What you don’t know can destroy your business. It’s hard to imagine modern business without the internet but in the last few years it has become fraught with danger. Internet crooks are the dotcom entrepreneurs of crime, using the power of computers and the interconnections of the network against innocent businesses to make money. Make no mistake; viruses, spam and spyware are the products of a global ‘business’ that is worth as much as $60bn a year. To put that into context,online crime is bigger than the global drugs trade. With so much money at stake, it’s not surprising that the problem is getting worse. The risks are only part of the story. Internet secu... »