disaster recovery

How to Avoid Disaster… and Rise from the Ruins if it Hits

Chris Barling is CEO of ecommerce and EPOS systems supplier, Actinic www.actinic.co.uk and has been through a few ups and downs in business. So far, he’s managed to survive all of the downs and would like to share the lessons that helped his company survive. He’s also included some advice to help you recover if disaster ever strikes. Watching the cash By far the biggest reason why businesses go bust is a lack of profitability or a cash flow crisis, resulting in running out of money. This can be caused by losing a significant customer, by the bank withdrawing lending facilities, or sometimes by over-trading – where you’re very successful but run out of working capital to cope with the success. In my business, Actinic, we try to cover this eventuality by producing a cashflow forecast every m... »