landline numbers direct to mobile phones

O2 Launches landline numbers direct to mobile phones

O2 today announced a new service, Fixed Number Anywhere, providing small businesses with a landline number that rings straight through to their mobile phone. The first service of its kind to be offered in the UK by a major mobile operator, Fixed Number Anywhere allows small businesses to take incoming landline calls directly on a mobile phone. The service, which launches in August, has been designed for small businesses who maintain a landline number to show customers their business is local and established, but spend long periods away from their desk. By linking landline numbers directly to their mobile phone, Fixed Number Anywhere will help these businesses minimise missed calls while eliminating expensive call diverts. It follows an extensive study conducted by O2, which revealed that d... »

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be an extremely cost-effective marketing method. You can use it to get details of your company and its products directly into the hands of the people who are most likely to want them. But direct mail works best with proper preparation beforehand. This briefing explains: Which businesses can benefit from direct mail. How to build up your mailing lists. What you should put into your mailing. »