How to Develop a New Product: A Guide for Small Businesses

How to Develop a New Product: A Guide for Small Businesses

Constant innovation is the key to staying ahead of your competitors as a business. When you think you have hit upon the next big idea for a product, it is tempting to rush through the development process in order to see it hit the market as soon as possible; but this stage needs to be carefully planned, in order to minimise the inevitable risks to your business. It is important to note that a ‘product’ a company offers does not have to be a physical good; whether it is a new insurance package or windscreen wiper, the development principles are the same. In this article, we assume you have already hit upon inspiration for a new product; it is not a briefing on coming up with an idea, but rather a guide to the equally challenging process of bringing it to market. Can I bring my idea to marke... »

Asset Management Seminar

Asset Management Seminar, London

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) invites Managers & Engineers to its Asset Management Seminar in Savoy Place, London on June 3rd. Seminar attendees will be taken through the draft second version of the Institute of Asset Management’s Competence Requirements Framework. Seminar leaders will include: Chris Lloyd (Developer and Chairman, IAM Membership Committee) Peter Kohler (Board Member, AM Council, Australia) Tim Feest (Executive Director, Occupational Standards Council for Engineering) Richard Earp (Business Planning Manager, National Grid) and Richard Moore (AM Account Manager, Train Systems, London Underground). Attendees will learn to enhance recruitment, performance appraisal, professional development and asset management team building using the Competen... »