Wholesale Drive to Deregulate is Unfounded, says CIPD

The knee-jerk opposition of business lobby groups to many employment rights is misplaced, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has said. A new CIPD report entitled The economic rights and wrongs of employment regulation, (PDF) has questioned “the wholesale drive to deregulate” advocated by many business groups. The report highlighted that the UK still has the third least regulated labour market in the world according to the OECD. In addition, it stated that the rising numbers of employment tribunal claims were caused by an increase in multiple claims (where many employees are claiming in relation to what is in effect a single dispute with one employer) and the impact of the recession, which has seem more employees claiming unfair dismissal as businesses downsized. Th... »

Companies Act (2006) PDF

Companies Act still leaves Red Tape

Three quarters of directors said the Companies Act (2006) (2.7Mb PDF) reforms introduced last year have failed to simplify company systems and reduce red tape as the Government pledged, according to business services provider Jordans. Their research found that just 6% of company directors said the new measures had reduced administration. In addition, more than 18 months after the first phase of reforms was introduced, 18% of directors said they were unaware of the changes. The Companies Act reforms have been introduced in phases, with the first group of reforms taking effect in January 2007, while some amendments will not become law until October this year. For example, since January 2007, companies have been able to communicate with shareholders using electronic communications (Internet, ... »