Government Bins Business Red Tape

Business will be freed from the burden of red tape under a package of sweeping reforms to regulation, it was announced today. In a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Liverpool, Mark Prisk revealed Business Secretary Vince Cable’s plans for a range of measures to be included in the Growth Review that will allow businesses to grow, including: a public audit of almost 22,000 statutory instruments that are currently on the statute book; and a moratorium to exempt businesses with fewer than ten employees and genuine start ups from new domestic regulation for three years. For the public audit, the legislation will be grouped into themes on a dedicated website and businesses will be asked to tell the Government what they think of those regulations and how to improve the system.... »

SMEs Should Seize Opportunities for Growth

As the Government settles in and spending cuts are realised, businesses should seize opportunities for business growth, says Bibby Financial Services. The phrase ‘cash is king’ has never been more important to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. While the economy is officially out of recession, UK firms aren’t out of the woods yet and there are many challenges that lie ahead for business owners and managers. However, those businesses which have survived the economic downturn should now look at opportunities in emerging markets in order to take advantage of the new business landscape. Bibby Financial Services’ UK chief executive Edward Rimmer says: “Now is the right time for businesses in the UK, no matter what size they are, to seize new opportunities presented to them, ... »