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Client Satisfaction is Business Holy Grail

Client Satisfaction is Business Holy Grail

Business owners and mangers across the UK are reducing costs, becoming more transparent, and investing in customer service levels in a bid to keep clients happy and avoid losing valuable business, according to new research* from leading independent invoice financier Bibby Financial Services. While it’s not surprising that more than half (56%) of business owners are actively pursuing new business as a priority to ride out the downturn, many (54%) appreciate the importance of protecting existing revenue by upping customer service levels. And, over a third (35%) of business owners are actually increasing hospitality spend as a means of retaining existing customers. In fact, with 44% of small and medium-sized businesses under pressure from customers to reduce their costs, more than half ... »

Customer Satisfaction

Firms Fail to measure Customer Satisfaction

Firms are missing out on critical feedback on their products and services, because they are failing to monitor customer satisfaction effectively, according to market research firm Shape the Future. The research revealed that while 70% of businesses monitor their customers’ satisfaction, 56% of these are only using basic and informal techniques. The remaining 30% of businesses do not measure customer satisfaction at all as they believe customers would approach them if there were problems, or they are too busy. Shape the Future managing director Peter Martin said; “Businesses think that customers will come back to them with problems, but in reality they will just walk down the high street to the nearest competitor. The only time you get unsolicited feedback is when people either ... »