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How to Motivate Your Staff and Boost Productivity

How to Motivate Your Staff and Boost Productivity

The success of your business lies with your workforce. If staff feel unmotivated and are lacking job satisfaction, the performance of your business will suffer. Employees help project your company’s image and are fundamental to its reputation and overall profitability. Motivated staff are also likely to work harder and for longer, and to contribute their ideas, which may help your business innovate and grow. Ways to motivate your business’ employees Different things motivate different people, but the most effective way of motivating staff is to recognise their achievements and reward them accordingly. This reward doesn’t need to be financial – a trophy, some time off or even a round of applause can all go a long way in making employees feel valued. Other common motivators include good trai... »

Coaching Entrepreneurial Spirit into Business Success

The economic turbulence in the last couple of years has meant that there has been a lot of focus on ‘entrepreneurs’ in the media and ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ has increasingly become something which society greatly admires and is a word often associated with success. However, there is a big difference between being an entrepreneur and being a successful entrepreneur. There are many people out there who can be described as having entrepreneurial spirit, who have some or all of the attributes of being an entrepreneur but have not been able to harness these qualities and become a success. So what are these ‘entrepreneurial attributes’ and how does one take these attributes and turn them into success? How to Spot an Entrepreneur If someone has the following qualities, then they can be considere... »

Flexible Working. Achieve Business Success

It’s a fact. Flexible working is all the rage, and for good reason. Chaining employees to their desks and ruling their working lives with an iron fist is a practice that’s dead and buried. Need convincing? A recent study by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR, formerly the DTI) shows that almost all British workplaces offer some form of flexible working. But separate research from the Equal Opportunities Commission shows that Britain still lags behind the rest of Europe in providing the best possible working conditions. Meanwhile, policy-makers are poised to bring British employers into line with new regulations; potentially adding to mountains of employment-related red tape introduced in recent years. Responding to the report, the head of the In... »