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Exporting: Opportunities for UK Exporters

Exporting: Opportunities for UK Exporters

There is an abundance of opportunities for UK exporters – and plenty of support to help you take advantage of them. The UK is a major trading nation, able to capitalise on the single market through the European Union (EU), as well as being ‘socially close’ in terms of culture and language to a number of major international markets – including the US. Many UK firms begin exporting by entering established markets such as these. The EU, with its open borders and shared import/export procedures, provides UK companies with unrestricted access to more than 500 million consumers, while the US continues to be the UK’s number-one export market, offering opportunities across a wide range of sectors. High-growth markets UK exporters are also increasingly embracing the myriad opportunities offer... »

Business Threats and Opportunities in Digital Britain

Landmark audit forecasts the direction ‘digital Britain’ is heading. The passing of the Digital Economy Act in April has thrown up a whole host of issues for those in the digital entertainment industry. No longer a niche industry, but resolutely mainstream, how many small businesses are able to get to grips with the lightning speed at which the world of digital entertainment and consumer behaviour is changing? As a new report suggests consumer behaviour and attitudes are shifting almost as quickly as new technology itself is emerging, how can organisations large and small, new and established, keep up to speed with key commercial issues affecting them and shaping the industry at large? Social media is now very much for the masses, but how permissive can brands be in reaching au... »

Look Further Abroad for Opportunities

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) are encouraging firms to look further abroad to seek out opportunities. With the Treasury forecasting in its Pre-Budget Report that growth in the UK’s traditional export markets of Europe and the US will slow[1], the BCC and UKTI are encouraging firms to look overseas and seek out opportunities where they exist. However a business must do its homework on the market first. John Dunsmure, Managing Director of the British Chambers of Commerce said: “There is so much economic and political uncertainty at the moment. Many companies are very concerned about their future. Whilst we are not celebrating the falling rate of the UK pound there could be some competitive advantages to be gained by companies wishing ... »

Small Firms use Downturn to Create Opportunities

More than a quarter of small businesses are using the economic downturn to seize new business opportunities, according to the Tenon Forum. Their research has revealed that 29% of small businesses say they are benefiting from the downturn. Of these, 40% have taken clients from competitors, 13% have bought assets or stock at a competitive price, and 7% have acquired other businesses. According to Tenon director of recovery Martin Austin, small firms can also benefit from the downturn by recruiting staff from other businesses. “There are opportunities in every sector, but conversely the worst–hit sectors are the ones where there is perhaps the most opportunity, in terms of picking up contracts or buying competitors.” “Whether or not a business can take these opportunit... »