Slow Broadband is Holding Back UK’s Small Businesses

The Federation of Small Business deems government’s plans for business broadband market inadequate UK broadband is ‘not up to speed’, according to a report published by the Federation of Small Business (FSB), as 45,000 companies are still on dial-up and many more are struggling with speeds lower than 2 Megabits (Mbps) per second. While the residential population are benefiting from faster broadband, many small businesses are still unable to complete basic online functions such a send digital invoices. The FSB’s report, titled The 4th Utility: Delivering universal broadband connectivity for small businesses across the UK, stresses that the government’s target of 24Mbps for 95% of the population and 2Mbps for the remaining 5% will not suffice for the demands of UK businesses. The FSB are cal... »

Wrong Broadband Slows Down Small Business

Small firms relying on a domestic broadband connection are damaging their productivity due to unreliable download speeds and limited bandwidth, research has revealed. A TalkTalk Business survey of 300 small businesses found that 70% were reliant on domestic broadband rather than business broadband. Of those using domestic broadband, 10% experienced up to five hours downtime a week, while 18 % lost 2.5 hours. TalkTalk Business transformation director, Andy Lockwood, said that domestic broadband is not designed to cope with the demands of a business. “From emailing customers, clients and suppliers, to running a successful e-commerce operation, broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of any small firm and impacts on virtually all aspects of its business performance.” Founder of IT... »

97% of Customers Not Getting Full Broadband Speed

The UK’s most comprehensive broadband speeds research reveals that the UK’s average actual fixed-line residential broadband speed has increased by over 25% over the past year from 4.1Mbit/s to 5.2Mbit/s as internet service providers (ISPs) increasingly move to offer higher speed broadband packages. Ofcom’s broadband speeds research, conducted in partnership with broadband monitoring specialists SamKnows, shows that nearly a quarter (24%) of UK fixed-line residential broadband connections had a headline or advertised speed of above ‘up to’ 10Mbit/s in May 2010, compared to just 8% in April 2009. However, the move to faster headline speeds has led to a growing gap between the actual speeds delivered and the speeds that some ISPs use to advertise their services.  Differences between headline ... »

ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide for Small Business A quick guide for directors and management teams in Small and Medium sized Enterprises considering whether to move to ADSL Broadband connection. Introduction to Broadband Once you’ve got broadband, it’s hard to imagine how you ever did without it. Broadband means that the World Wide Wait is over. Much of the frustration surrounding business use of the Web disappears. You can, for example, send or receive emails with the big attachments in seconds, not minutes. Broadband means that you and all your staff can use Web, email and phone at the same time, all the time, from a single telephone line – and all for a flat fee. Like electricity or tap water, Broadband is ‘always on’. You need never dial the internet again. Access to the... »