Agency Worker Reforms

PM May water down Agency Worker Reforms

The Prime Minister is investigating ways to reduce the impact of the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) on employers, media reports have claimed, despite there being less than month until the laws are due to take effect. The AWR, set to come in to force on 1 October, will give temporary employees the same rights as permanent workers, including access to paid holiday and maternity leave, once they have worked continuously for 12 weeks for the same employer. David Cameron is said to be concerned that the new EU laws could have a negative impact on the UK’s fragile economy, according to reports in the Daily Telegraph which suggested he has sought legal advice on moderating the controversial new laws. Business groups have claimed that the UK’s version of the AWR is &ldq... »

Agency Worker Reforms will Stop Small Firms Hiring Temps

A Government plan to give temporary workers the same rights as permanent staff may stop small firms hiring temps, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned. The proposals, endorsed by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), would give agency staff equal employment rights after 12 weeks on the job. This means they would receive equal pay and holiday entitlements, as well as the right to regular work breaks. According to the Government, a reform of temporary worker rights is needed as temporary staff are often treated unjustly and need more legal protection. The FSB warned the reforms may make employers reluctant to hire temporary staff, thereby restricting their labour pool. “This is a disastrous deal for small businesses, which rely ... »