Statutory Sick Pay Guide for Employers (2011-2012)

Example - Weekly paid employee

This Sick Pay Guide is reference only. For the most up-to-date advice see the Statutory Sick Pay Guide for Employers (2012-2013)

Overview of the SSP Scheme

Forms you may need to use

SSP1 Why you cannot get SSP

Employers must complete this form when an employee is not entitled to SSP, or when SSP has come to an end.

Once completed, the form must be given to the employee immediately, as this will help to support a claim for a Social Security benefit. You can get this form from the DWP website at

For employers who are based in Northern Ireland (NI) or employers elsewhere in GB who have workers in NI, there is a NI version of form SSP1. Go to

Paper copies of form SSP1 can also be obtained by going to

SSP2 SSP record sheet

An optional form designed to help employers keep the records required by law and those which you are recommended to keep. There is an interactive SSP2 on your Basic PAYE Tools.

SC2 Employee statement of sickness

Can be used by employees to certify themselves as sick for the first seven days of sickness for SSP purposes.

You can use your own self-certificate if you prefer.

HMRC sickness forms are available from:

Using your own versions of the sickness forms

You can produce and use your own computerised or paper versions of these forms. There is no formal approval process but they must include all the information held on the approved HMRC SSP forms.

Form SSP1

You can produce your own version of the form SSP1 as long as the following information from the original is included.

This must include:

  • First page – About this form
    • – If you are an employee
    • – What to do now
    • – How to claim
  • Page 2 – Notes for employee
    • – Where to get help and advice
    • – For more information about SSP
    • – For more information about benefits
    • – Part A
    • – Part B – date box
    • – I cannot pay you SSP because

It is not necessary to reproduce the full list of reasons for refusal. This section can be tailored to give the specific reason(s) for the rejection in each case. The corresponding reference letter should also be given.

Part C – but could limit to only showing the relevant information

Part D – All

Part E – as with part B – but could be limited to give the specific reason for exclusion and should be the same as Part B. You may also incorporate this information into Part B if that is preferred

SSP2 – Statutory Sick Pay record sheet

This must include:

  • employees name and National Insurance number
  • a record of payment dates and the amount paid
  • the date the SSP pay period began
  • a record of any unpaid SSP with reasons

SC2 – Statement of sickness

This must include:

  • the employee name and National Insurance number
  • their first day of sickness
  • their last day of sickness
  • the last day they worked before their sickness
  • the nature of their sickness

Statutory Sick Pay Guide © Crown Copyright 2011

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