Statutory Maternity Pay Guide for Employers (2012-2013)

Statutory Maternity Pay Guide for Employers (2012-2013)

Forms you may need to use

MATB1 Maternity Certificate

The expectant woman will give you form MATB1 to confirm that she is pregnant. You must not pay SMP without it or similar evidence. The form will be signed by a doctor or midwife and issued to the mother after the 20th week of pregnancy.


If your employee does not meet one of the conditions in the section Qualifying rules then you must give this form to your employee within seven days of making your decision that she is not entitled to SMP. This must all be done within 28 days from the date the employee gave notice of absence (or the date she gave birth if this had occurred earlier).

Form SMP1 is available to download or from Jobcentre Plus offices, or in Northern Ireland the Jobs and Benefits offices – details are in The Phone Book, or go to

In Northern Ireland go to

Paper copies can also be ordered from

SMP2 Statutory Maternity Pay record sheet

Use form SMP2 to keep a record of Statutory Maternity payments.

All HMRC maternity forms are available from You can use your own version of any of the forms, except form MATB1.

Using your own versions of the maternity forms

You can produce your own computerised or paper versions of these forms (not MATB1). There is no formal approval process but you must include all the information on the approved HMRC SMP forms.

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