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We would like to thank the Virgin Stakeholder Pension Scheme for kindly supplying is4profit with the following article;


A revolution is taking place in the world of pensions and the changes coming are all for the better. The launch of Stakeholder pensions in April this year heralds the arrival of a New Age in pension flexibility, transparency and low-charges.

It’s reassuring to know that the new-style pension is flexible, penalty-free and low cost. All a far cry from the bad old world of pensions but we think what really matters to businesses is that their pension scheme not only offers value for money but is also serviced in a way that means less hassle, not more.

The good news for anyone with an award-winning* Virgin pension is that we’ve always set great store in the benefits of good-value, low-cost products, excellent service and added value, not added hassle.

So, with Virgin it’s very much a case of “Ask not what you can do for your pension company, ask what your pension company can do for you”. At Virgin Direct that means we don’t charge you any fee to set up a pension, we handle the paperwork and deal direct with your staff, providing all the facts, figures, help and advice they need.

As an employer, you can also make a single monthly payment to cover all your contributions from yourself and your employees – we’ll take care of everything from there. Another factor worth bearing in mind is that if a staff member does leave – they take their pension with them so you’re not saddled with a paid up pension to look after.

If you want, you and your staff can run everything over the Internet, changing payments and other details online. Financial advice is also on tap for your staff 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm. All in all, we think it’s the right pension package – designed to take up as little as possible of your valuable time. For more information visit or call 08456 10 10 66.

At Virgin, we like to think the pension revolution started four years ago when we first launched our groundbreaking pension. It meets all the proposed Stakeholder standards and exceeds them in a number of areas. So much so, that it’s the one pension around which has been given approval to automatically convert into Stakeholder come April. Good news for the workplace pension schemes we manage and for our personal pension customers.

The award-winning* Virgin pension versus the Stakeholder pension standards:

Virgin Stakeholder pension Stakeholder standards
Annual charge 1% – falling to 0.7% Annual charge maximum 1%
No additional charge for advice Additional charge for advice allowed
No other charges No other charges
Minimum payment £1 Minimum payment £20
Stop, start and change payments without penalty Stop, start and change payments without penalty
Standard investment choice Standard investment choice
Free transfers to other providers Free transfers to other providers
Statements twice yearly and online any time Annual statements

* Your Money Direct Awards 2000, best Direct and best Internet pension provider.

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