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We would like to thank the Standard Life Stakeholder Pension Scheme for kindly supplying is4profit with the following article;

Standard Life’s Group Stakeholder Pension Plan

Our Group Stakeholder Pension Plan is designed so that employers can provide a valuable benefit for their employees, while helping them to comply with the Government’s new pensions legislation.

Why Choose Standard Life for Stakeholder?

  • Around 1 million customers trust Standard Life to look after their retirement savings.
  • We are one of the most financially strong life assurance companies, both in the UK and world-wide.
  • We are the largest mutual life assurance company in Europe.
  • We have been providing financial services for over 175 years so have a wealth of experience to work from.

Our mutual status can offer you and your employees better value

We are pleased to offer all our Stakeholder customers the benefits of mutuality through investment in our Stakeholder With Profits fund. As a mutual company, we have no shareholders to satisfy so all our profits are available for distribution to our with profits policyholders. This can mean better value for you and your employees.

Support – we’ll help you through every stage of Stakeholder

We have put together a range of support materials and services to ensure that having a Group Stakeholder Pension Plan with Standard Life is as simple as possible. This includes:

  • Employer and employee information on Stakeholder designation – a specially designed pack containing all you need to know about the designation process and support literature to help you.
  • Sample letters on disk for you to send to your employees – from pre-designation through to publicising the scheme to employees when it is set up – these are all legal requirements of Stakeholder legislation.
  • Promotional Support for employers to help publicise the scheme including wage slip flyers, posters and leaflets.
  • Web-based information – you can set up links to our Stakeholder site from your own web site to provide your employees with further information.
  • Literature on-line – access to our literature will be available whenever suits you.

Excellent Customer Service

We have won many awards for our excellent customer service.

Our customers drive our actions. This means that you can be assured that our sales and servicing processes offer flexibility and convenience. Our services for Group Stakeholder Pension Plans include:

  • Easy joining processes
    We are developing simple and convenient joining processes using the telephone and the Internet.
  • Direct servicing
    Customers will be able to deal direct with Standard Life over the telephone and on-line for all servicing and administrative issues.
  • Pension Administrator
    Pension Administrator is a secure Internet site which enables you and your employees to view information about your scheme, notify us of changes to employees’ details and view up-to-date investment information and prices.

For further information on Standard Life’s Group Stakeholder Pension Plan, including any of the packs and support materials mentioned above, please contact your financial adviser or your local Standard Life office. There is also further information available on our web site:

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