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The launch of stakeholder pensions in April is set to be one of the most significant events in the history of pensions provision. Stakeholder has been a catalyst in bringing about major change in the market, in terms of the players, their products, and the way those products are sold.

In January 2001, Scottish Widows was one of the first providers to announce its stakeholder pension plan terms to the market. It was also the first life office to launch a stakeholder plan which will give customers access to both Scottish Widows funds and external funds if purchased via an IFA.

The new stakeholder pension plan will provide both business and individual customers access to a straightforward, value-for-money savings product which meets all of the requirements of the new stakeholder regime. It also provides access to a range of up to 17 investment funds, all within the constraints of the 1% cap on the annual management charge.

Scottish Widows has already been approved as a stakeholder provider by all relevant authorities and from April the stakeholder product will be accessible directly from Scottish Widows (by telephone or Internet), by consulting an Independent Financial Adviser or through any Lloyds TSB branch*.

George Andrew, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Pensions at Scottish Widows said:

“We are delighted now to be in a position to offer employers access to details of our new stakeholder product through each of our sales channels – independent advisers, Lloyds TSB branches*, as well as via Scottish Widows’ direct sales team. Many employers are looking to ‘designate’ their stakeholder provider in advance of April and we have the support available to guide them through the ‘stakeholder maze’.”

“There has also been a significant amount of debate in the market regarding fund choice for stakeholder pensions and other products, and in particular what level of choice can be offered within a 1% annual management charge. We firmly believe that our stakeholder product has a wide enough range of investment options to meet the vast majority of clients’ needs.”

To find out more about Scottish Widows Stakeholder Pension Plan, you can contact the Direct Sales Team on 0345 678910, visit the Scottish Widows website at, visit a Lloyds TSB branch* or alternatively consult an Independent Financial Adviser.

The Full Range of Funds

Scottish Widows Investment Partnership – passive funds Consensus, All Share Tracker, Fixed Interest Tracker
Scottish Widows Investment Partnership – active funds Mixed, Safety Plus, European, UK Equity, Fixed Interest, Property, North American, Japanese, Environmental, Global Equity, Cash
External fund choice (balanced managed funds)

Merrill Lynch


  • The default fund is the Consensus Fund. Funds are invested in a balanced portfolio of UK and overseas ordinary shares, fixed interest, index-linked stocks and cash deposits. Investments are made through a range of index-tracking funds. The percentage of funds invested in each asset class will be based on the average percentage amount invested in each class by the UK’s major investment managers. Through this systematic approach to managing a diverse portfolio, the Consensus Mixed Fund aims to achieve long term, consistent outperformance, against other funds in the sector.
  • Some funds are available through independent advisers only.

* Advice or recommendations may be provided by a representative of Lloyds TSB Bank plc, Lloyds TSB Scotland plc or Lloyds TSB Financial Consultants Limited, any of whom can provide advice only on the life assurance, pension and investment business of the Scottish Widows and Lloyds TSB Marketing Group, members of which are regulated by the Personal Investment Authority.

The value of units may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Please note that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. This document represents Scottish Widows’ interpretation of the current and proposed law and Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs practice as at the date of publication. The contract terms and the amounts and taxation of benefits described assume that there is no change in tax or other laws affecting Scottish Widows’ or its’ investments.

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