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Legal and General

Legal & General House
St Monica’s Road
KT20 6EU
Tel: 0800 027 1818
Website: Legal & General Stakeholder Pension

Registered: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Membership: Non-restricted

5 Great Reasons why you should talk to Legal & General

1. So simple to set up

Setting your scheme up couldn’t be simpler. To help you through the process we have a “No Fuss” Designation Pack which contains all the information and material you need to get started. Click here to order a pack.

2. Highest independent rating for financial strength

Standard & Poor’s, one of the world’s leading independent credit rating agencies, has awarded Legal & General its “AAA” rating, the highest rating for financial strength and stability, for its UK long term fund. Legal & General is the only UK insurer to have held a ‘AAA’ rating for 12 years running.

3. Easy to run

We can take the burden out of running your stakeholder scheme by providing a range of payment and administration methods to suit the needs of your business. And if you need help we have a dedicated service team on the end of the phone to assist you.

4. Strong investment performance

The stability and strength of Legal & General has, since 1977 when we launched our first unit linked pension, provided our pension holders with a consistently strong performance across a wide range of investments. Our investment objective is to deliver excellent returns without undue risk and we aim to achieve long term performance that ranks in the top 25% of all providers.

5. Excellent value

As you’d expect from Legal & General, we’ve gone a step further than the current stakeholder maximum charge of 1% per annum of the funds being managed, by offering a charge that reduces in percentage terms as funds build up.

For more information or to obtain your free, no fuss, no obligation, Stakeholder Designation Pack visit the L&G website or call 0800 027 1818 to arrange an appointment to talk to one of our advisers. Alternatively you may wish to contact your usual financial adviser.

Legal & General products are only available to UK residents

Any introduction for investment advice will be to a Representative who may only recommend, advise on or sell the life assurance and investment products of the Legal & General Marketing group, members of which are regulated by the Personal Investment Authority and IMRO.

For your protection, telephone calls may be recorded and randomly monitored. Full written details are available on request. The value of units in an investment fund may go down as well as up.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

Legal & General Assurance Society Limited
Registered in England No. 166055
Registered Office: Temple Court
11 Queen Victoria Street
London EC4N 4TP
Regulated by the Personal Investment Authority
A member of the Association of British Insurers

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