Staff Planning

Where can you get advice about training and qualifications?

  • Advice about particular qualifications can be obtained from local colleges and universities. The contact details of professional training providers can be found in specialist publications such as the Skills and Training Handbook or the Yellow Pages.

  • Trade associations, National Training Organisations and the emerging Sector Skills Councils may run courses that are more specific to the type of business you run.

  • The local Learning and Skills Council office (there are 47 in England) can provide free advice on further education, work-based training and workforce development. This role is fulfilled by Education and Learning Wales (ELWa) and Local Enterprise Companies (LECs) in Scotland.

  • Local Business Links, Business Connects (Wales), Small Business Gateways (Scotland), enterprise agencies and Chambers of Commerce will be able to give advice on relevant provision.

  • Learndirect business is a government initiative which enables people to access training materials online. This enables staff to access training at a time and place that suits the business. There are a wide range of courses covering a variety of business issues including IT, productivity improvements and legislation. There are also over 1,000 Learndirect centres available where people can register and study on courses. Information on this initiative and on Learndirect centres in your area, is available on the Learndirect business website or by telephoning their Callcentre.

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