Staff Planning

What is Investors in People?

  • Investors in People is the National Standard for effective Investment in People. It demonstrates that an organisation is committed to developing its staff, is clear about its aims and its objectives and what its people need to do to achieve them, develops its staff effectively in order to improve its performance and understands the impact of its investment in people performance.

  • To achieve the standard, the business must make a formal commitment to developing its employees in order to accomplish its aims and objectives. This involves an assessment of the whole business, looking at existing training provision and determining where improvements are needed. Ultimately the self-assessment will help you to address changing business needs and ensure that staff are trained to respond to them.

  • The Standard requires you to form a plan that defines aims and objectives of the business and the actions to be taken to achieve them. It should include how you plan to develop employees within the business, and the resources that will be available for this. Individual personal development plans should be compatible with the overall development plan of the business. The business will then be assessed by an external assessor who will decide if it has achieved the levels required to be awarded the Standard.

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