Social Media is a “Waste of Time” say Small Businesses

Small and medium firms in the UK spend over one billion hours on social media yet majority say they've witnessed no positive effect from it

Social Media is a “Waste of Time” say Small Businesses

Small and medium enterprises have deemed social media marketing a ‘waste of time’ with over two thirds of business owners having seen no positive effect despite putting over one billion hours into campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The research, conducted by Deal With The Media surveying 100 firms, revealed that only 30% of UK business owners believe social media is an effective marketing tool while 43% said they were ‘uncertain’ of its effect.

Small business owners aged 25 to 34 years-old were found to be the most sceptical of the value of social media and were the most likely to ‘strongly disagree’ with it having an impact on business growth, while entrepreneurs aged 18 to 24 years-old were the most supportive of its worth.

The ineffectiveness of social media was a view shared by the majority of small and medium businesses across the country yet the East Midlands was the only region with a positive majority with 61.3% of firms believing it had positive effect on their business.

Companies in the West Midlands were the most pessimistic about the significance of social networks with 75% of firms uncertain of its value.

Deal With The Media founder, Pete Walter, said:

“At the moment social media isn’t working for the majority of small businesses. Most of the UK’s five million small and medium enterprise spend between six and 10 hours a week marketing themselves via social media, making their businesses feel modern, digital and connected to their customers.

“The unfortunate reality is most of are wasting time and money in doing so. Collectively, all that time spent tweeting and updating various sites adds up to more than one billion man-hours a year – or the combined workload of more than 520,000 full-time employees.”

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  1. That is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Social media is my biggest source of new business and it’s the same for almost every other business I know! It makes your site look dumb.

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