Small Claims Court

Introduction to the Small Claims Court

Even businesses with the most effective credit-control procedures may sometimes have no option but to take a debtor to court.

And legal action may also be your last resort if a supplier fails to deliver goods you’ve paid for or refuses to reimburse you for faulty goods.

In these situations the small claims court could be the answer. The small claims process – part of the county court system – is an inexpensive and straightforward way of settling disputes over sums of £5,000 or less – often without the need for legal help.

A county court judge from the main court may also refer cases involving larger sums to the small claims court – or you can request this with your debtor’s agreement.

This guide will explain how to make a claim in the small claims court. It also outlines your options if someone makes a claim against you.

Small Claims Court business advice based on Crown Copyright © 2004-2013

This guide covers the Small Claims process in England & Wales. The Small Claims process in Scotland can be found at the Scottish Courts web site

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  1. I have been cheated out of £10,000. Can I still take this to the small claims court?

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