Small Businesses Cite Security as Biggest Barrier to Adopting Mobile Working

70% of UK businesses worry about the costs of technology when thinking about implementing a flexible working policy

Small Businesses Cite Security as Biggest Barrier to Adopting Mobile Working

Small business owners have cited security as the biggest barrier to adopting flexible working practices, according to a report by WorkMobile.

The survey of 200 UK business owners and 200 mobile workers found that 70% of businesses are worried about the cost of implementing a mobile working policy, with 53% claiming slow internet speeds as their biggest concern.

44% of business owners also admitted they were afraid of changing their policy and adopting a flexible working strategy.

Despite these fears, the research found that nearly three quarters (72%) of workers already operate remotely and have said that they work harder now compared to when they were strictly office-based.

Dr Moneeb Awan, managing director at WorkMobile, said:

“Businesses are being held back by a number of simple factors that can be easily addressed. Company owners need help to overcome these barriers and in turn they’ll begin to reap the benefits.

“Many (businesses) are clearly prepared to invest heavily in mobile working and paper-saving processes, but both owners and workers need educating in order to keep up with this ever-changing digital world – either that, or risk falling behind.”

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