Small Business Investors Remain Undeterred in Wake of Brexit

Majority of younger investors have said they will continue to back small enterprises despite ongoing economic uncertainty

Small Business Investors Remain Undeterred in Wake of Brexit

Good news for the UK’s small businesses following reports that 52% of all British investors still plan to invest in businesses in the coming months.

Research conducted by IW Capital of 2,000 UK adults and 1,000 UK investors revealed that investors are leading a ‘rallying cry’, particularly younger investors (those aged 18-34) 70% having indicated their intentions to invest in small and medium businesses despite the current economic uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit result.

The research suggests London has the highest proportion of investors looking to support smaller UK enterprises with 68% keen to back businesses.

The economic outlook among the general public differs vastly however. 55% of UK adults have cited a lack of confidence in the long-term prospects of the FTSE, 52% are concerned about the property market, and 49% are worried about the future value of the pound.

Luke Davis, CEO of IW Capital and co-founder of Crowdfinders, said:

“Following Brexit, Britain has been in a state of limbo, with consumers and investors unsure how the economic landscape will change over the coming months and years.

“However, what we can take from this research is that there is a silver lining from a business perspective as our nation’s investors are willing to support small businesses in the wake of Brexit, something that cannot be said for other investment classes.”

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