Sick Pay Guide for Employers

Forms you may need to use

(SSP record sheet)

An optional form designed to help employers keep the records required by law and those which you are recommended to keep.

(Employee self-certification form)

Can be used by employees to certify themselves as sick for the first seven days of sickness for SSP purposes. You can use your own self-certificate if you prefer.

(Why I cannot pay SSP)

Employers must complete this form when an employee is not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), or when SSP has come to an end. Once completed, the form must be given to the employee immediately, as they may be able to claim a Social Security benefit.

(Leaver’s statement)

You should issue this to your employee if:

  • they ask you for it when they leave their employment with you, and
  • you paid them any SSP during the eight weeks before they stopped working for you.

Subject to Parliamentary Approval, use of this form will cease when ESA is introduced. See ‘What is new about SSP1(L)’.

Using your own versions of the sickness forms

HMRC sickness forms are available from:

You can produce and use your own computerised or paper versions of these forms. There is no formal approval process but they must include all the information held on the original sickness forms.

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