Selling Successfully Online

Build Good Landing Pages.

It’s worth creating specific landing pages for different ads both to maximise sales and because the relevance of the landing page impacts the quality score. Google re-evaluates landing pages once per month. For landing pages to be relevant (so impacting the quality score) they should be fast, have a relevant title, and have keywords in the text (but these should be less than 5%). If there are text hyperlinks containing keywords that helps too. If visitors arriving at your page immediately follow this by another Google search, you will be marked down as you obviously weren’t relevant. Remember to communicate positively and ideally have a call to action on the page e. g. ’Buy’ or have a prominent phone number if your objective is to get them to call. You can choose whether to have landing pages specifically for incoming traffic from PPC or use your existing standard pages. Either way, you mustn’t use doorway pages with no links from the rest of the site. If you had a theme of advertising based on value, then you might have a landing page emphasising how you deliver this proposition e. g. free shipping. You can find your quality score from within your Google Adwords account.

80 Understand The Matching Rules.

Each search engine has its own rules on which ad will be triggered by searches, on which keywords. You control matches by specifying your own keywords and how these should be matched to what’s being searched. On Google, a ’phrase match‘ uses quotes (“ ”) around your keywords and an ’exact match‘ uses square brackets ([ ]), otherwise it’s a ’broad match‘ . You need to understand how the matching rules work. For instance, beware of insisting on an exact match as you may exclude plurals but also beware of broad matches which may unexpectedly lead to higher spend and irrelevant traffic. You should also use negative matching which is where keywords will not match if a particular negative word is also being searched for. Using negatives can increase click through rates and reduce costs from irrelevant clicks and can be applied at campaign level. When quotes are used which signify phrase matching (Google and Bing) then this will match with searchers who use the particular keywords along with additional

words before or after. An exact match [square brackets] matches only when those exact keywords in the exact order, with no additional words, are searched for. Because it’s difficult, you may be able to out-perform the competition by detailed understanding and hard work.

81 Plan Your Matching Carefully.

In general, you should define keywords with three or more words as a broad match and keywords with one or two words as a phrase match. Beware that the lower click through rate (CTR) arising from broad matches will lower your quality score. There is a trade-off between impression volume and the relevance of your ad since your creative may be less relevant for keywords which are not so closely associated. For example a recruitment agency might advertise for ‘Ruby Programming Jobs’ with a broad match. The ad will be displayed when the searcher searches on other types of jobs such as ‘Java Programming Jobs’ and ’PHP Programming Jobs’ and this may not be at all what the advertiser expected. As a result, a minimum of three word keywords should be used for a broad match. Try to report on keywords searched upon that never get a click and get rid of non-performing ads. If you combine match types then the search engine selects the most relevant one in the order of exact, phrase and broad match. Remember to put in a negative for things in your field that you don’t sell.

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