Selling Successfully Online

Listen Before You Talk.

Once you have found your customers sit back and listen. Social networking is renowned for its real time opinions, use this to your advantage and use search engines to find people talking about you or your company. Unplug your keyboard and gather as much intelligence as you can, it’s often a fascinating insight. Even better take it a step further and listen for your competitor’s name, or search keywords that relate to your products or services. Never give up on listening, things are always changing and social networks can help to keep you ahead of the competition.

117 Participate Politely.

A person’s online social space is sensitive; so respect it by being smart and polite. You wouldn’t barge into a normal conversation with blatant advertising, and social networking is no different. Within my business, Actinic, we actively spend time helping customers. We direct people with queries to our online resources such as our knowledge base and articles. If you engage, sales will follow. But once you start, try not to give up. Schedule at least an hour a day for involvement in answering questions and engaging with others.

118 Integrate Social Networking Into Your Site.

Provide buttons that allow information and products to be shared. Make sure that you have aTwitter account and Facebook page links.

119 Provide Real Value On Your Company Twitter Account.

Building up followers on Twitter can be very useful. However, to do this you must ensure that you provide interesting material such as tips, and maybe some offers accessed by unique coupons. So whenever you have something worth saying, make sure you put it out on Twitter and other relevant networks. Failing to do so is an opportunity missed.

120 Provide Useful Information On Your Facebook Page.

Provide genuine items of interest on your page. Don’t make is seem like a sales pitch – that will be counter-productive.

121 Provide Service.

Although we are principally looking at social networking as a marketing channel, it has another benefit. If you monitor for any mention of your company, you will find queries, and also be able to pick up service issues before they are broadcast too widely and become a big problem within your company. Helping with enquiries and problems boosts the perceptions of your brand, or service. The key is to remember the connected nature of social networks, recommendations prove to be the best type of sales lead and social networks can act like a megaphone for both praise and condemnation.

122 Get Ideas And Research.

Social networks are brilliant for asking questions; LinkedIn and Quora are especially useful here. The open nature of these communities allows anyone to ask, view or respond, so the potential is obvious. Thinking companies use these networks to gain insights into the market as well as broadcasting their own messages.

123 Advertise On Facebook.

The most likely route for producing results on social networks is to advertise on them. Facebook advertising allows pay per click or pay per impression. You make a bid, and can select on demographics that include age, sex, education, relationship status, location and interests. You can include an image in your advert as well as text. One case study gives an instance where Facebook advertising cost only 1. 5% of the revenue generated, but that’s likely to be the best possible. With their phenomenal growth, it’s worth experimenting with advertising with them, then rapidly ramping spending if the results justify it.

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