Selling Successfully Online

Keep Trying.

Trial and error is needed to see what works with your prospects. One merchant reported that his most successful email campaign resulted from two lines of plain text while one longer email with images resulted in no orders at all.

107 Learn From The Big Guys.

Subscribe to receive emails yourself and analyse incoming marketing emails in the light of the advice here. You will be able to glean best practice and see developing trends, effectively benefiting from the research and gurus employed by the big boys.

108 Try to Go Viral.

The rise of social networking has opened up new possibilities with email marketing. It’s good practice to encourage people to forward emails to a friend or even add the contents of the email to their social network. These can be accomplished with links in the email.

109 Monitor Bounce Rate.

Emails that can’t be delivered are said to be ’bounced’ when you get notification that they have not been delivered. The bounce rate is a good measure of the quality of your email list.

110 Make It Easy to Read.

There are many email clients used to read emails. Check that your email is readable in as many as you can. The message here is that while a little work will reap major reward, the more environments you check, the more response that you will get. So make sure that your email can easily be read on the current crop of email readers and in the display sizes that are most prevalent. This changes regularly as new trends emerge, and it is worth enquiring about this regularly. At the time of writing, it’s worth considering how your email will display on a PC, Mac, Netbook, iPhone, iPad and on the free email services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. Also consider varying from HTML to text to see what impact that this has.

111 Be Diligent In Maintaining Your List.

Make sure that you remove email addresses that unsubscribe and that produce bounced emails. Be totally diligent about this. Collect more information over time from your customers and prospects, using a newsletter.

112 Always Have An Objective.

From each communication you should have one objective with an associated clear call to action. You need to make this absolutely clear and ideally it will be ’above the fold’ so people can readily see it. In some cases this will be to get a purchase there and then. In other cases you will simply want to move the prospect along the sales funnel. Any segmenting of your email list you should aim to have the correct objective for the correct segment.

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