Selling on Amazon Marketplace

Small businesses competing in an ever-tougher trading environment often look to grow their online presence through multiple e-commerce channels. Whilst they may already have their own web presence, or not, one such additional channel at their disposal is Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Marketplace charges, on average, a 15% referral fee on sale values with the first month free and then a £25 monthly subscription. There are currently over 2 million sellers using Amazon Marketplace which has a global audience of some 130 million Amazon customers.

Amazon share the reasons why small businesses choose to use Amazon Marketplace and why you should sign up today.

  1. Increase Sales: With a global audience of 130 million customers Amazon offers small business retailers the opportunity to reach out and tap into a massive new audience. Amazon’s market grew by 43% (year on year) in Q4 of 2010 and businesses signing up to Amazon Marketplace can showcase their wares to the entire Amazon audience immediately once they’ve set up their seller account.

  2. Building brand awareness: Small businesses have a great opportunity to use that 130 million audience to spread the word and increase the visibility of their brand. Amazon themselves make good use of Google advertising and thus can reach a wide audience. By starting with bestsellers and flagship products, an independent retailer can build a brand and follow up with more products to their product line later on.

  3. Easy to Set Up & Cost Effective: Currently Amazon Marketplace are offering a month’s free subscription to new sellers who sign up. So if it doesn’t suit you in the first month you can stop at any time and the cost is absolutely zero. There are no listing fees, and the subscription fees charged from your second month cover all the payment processing costs and you’re covered from fraudulent orders and customers.

Setting up is simple and free and to register as an Amazon seller takes just a few minutes. Click the link to sign up as an Amazon Marketplace seller and get your first month free.

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