Rent Reviews and Rating Assessments

5. Challenging Your Rates

5.1 If you disagree with the rateable value set for your premises, you can contact your local VOA office to discuss the valuation and why you think it is incorrect.

5.2 If you still do not agree with the rateable value, you can make a formal proposalThere are two main grounds of appeal:

  • The rateable value of the premises is significantly different to the open market rental value of the premises at the last valuation.
  • The premises are adversely affected by a change in circumstances. For example, structural alteration of the premises or the loss of nearby parking facilities.
  • You may not make more than one proposal on the same grounds during the life of a rating list (the current list runs from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2015).

5.3 The VOA will consider your proposal and discuss it with you.

  • You can complete the proposal form yourself, or make a proposal on the VOA website.
  • A property adviser, such as a chartered surveyor, can advise you and make a proposal on your behalf.
  • Avoid advisers who may provide you with poor advice for a large fee. Try and use an adviser based on a personal recommendation.
  • The person at the VOA dealing with your proposal will advise you when he or she is ready to discuss it.
  • If you cannot agree a revised assessment, you can appeal to a valuation tribunal.

5.4 If your rates challenge is successful, you receive a rate refund.

  • This might be a cheque, a reduction in the amount of your monthly payments, or a credit for the next year.
  • You usually receive interest on the amount owed to you.

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