Over 5,000 Small Businesses Back Conservatives in Open Letter

Doubts over legitimacy of the open letter are rising following claims that it’s linked to the Conservative HQ, with at least one of the signatories falsely named

Over 5,000 Small Businesses Back Conservatives in Open Letter

5,025 small businesses from across the UK have signed an open letter backing the Conservatives – praising the party’s economic plan and commitment to “making sure Britain is open for business.”

The letter, which was published in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (April 27), comes in the wake of Cameron’s promise to increase the Start Up Loans initiative threefold and invest in broadband for small businesses.

The party also says that it will help facilitate the launch of 600,000 new businesses every year by 2020 on the back of claims that there are now 760,000 more small businesses since the party came into power.

The letter itself is now under scrutiny as Buzzfeed’s deputy editor Jim Waterson discovered that the meta-data on the Telegraph’s website originated from within Conservatives HQ, and signatory company Aarum Solutions has claimed on Twitter that it did not sign the letter and wants to be removed.

Furthermore, in contrast to the comments made in the open letter, now research by the Bank of Cyprus UK has revealed that less than 10% of small enterprises believe they are a top political priority for any of the parties and 51% feel that small business issues do not take precedence.

Bank of Cyprus UK’s Tony Leahy said of the findings, which derived from the bank’s Owner Managed Business (OMB) Barometer:

“The major political parties should find it concerning that less than one in 10 small businesses feel that their issues are a significant priority for politicians.

“With so much electioneering around support for “hard-working people”, it is clear that the new Government needs to help small business make this reality.”

Check out Startups.co.uk’s concise guide to the business policies of the main political parties here.

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