Outdated Government Services Cost UK Firms 33 Days a Year

Tax named as the biggest area in need of “drastic improvement”

Outdated Government Services Cost UK Firms 33 Days a Year

Britain’s small and medium businesses claim to lose an average of 33 days a year due to insufficient government online services. 62% of firms surveyed commented that they lack the “ease of use and features commonplace” of other everyday apps, according to a new report by global technology company EMC.

Online tax services was revealed to be the most used area of the government site, but was also voted as the “most in need of drastic improvement” by 31% of businesses, with additional digital services also called for in terms of business support and health and safety updates.

Businesses also requested a number of new features to be implemented over the next two years, including: a one-stop online directory for business tax grants/breaks (50%), updates to changes in legislation (41%), and a service with the ability to generate a unique profile for firms (36%).

The survey, which featured over 600 small and medium firms, also found that businesses would like to see improvements in navigation and language (42%) and proactive reminders when forms/payment are due (38%).

James Norman, the public sector CIO at EMC UK & Ireland, commented:

“There is an obvious demand for a more digitally focused government and whilst some progress has been made with government digital services, there is still more that can be done in application transformation. Businesses need a more efficient way of interacting with government and improving the accessibility of online services is one of them.

“Creating a digital foundation made of data and not paper will be critical for the business growth in the future.”

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