One Fifth of UK Businesses Have No Social Media Strategy

Report shows that only a third of UK businesses actively use social media despite it being the fifth most effective marketing tool

New research revealed that a fifth of UK businesses are yet to develop a social media strategy. In addition, only 31% of UK businesses currently use social media to promote their business, a big drop from last year when 67% of companies stated that they had implemented a social media strategy.

The survey, which consisted of over 300 UK businesses, revealed that although the percentage of those using social media had dropped, it was still considered the fifth most effective marketing tool with 14% of the respondents stating that their social media campaigns directly resulted in sales.

The study, by Catalogues 4 Business (C4B), also revealed the most popular social media platforms among businesses; Facebook was the most popular at 40%, followed by LinkedIn (35%), Twitter (33%) and then Google Plus (17%) – which only emerged as a relevant marketing tool this year.

Ian Simpson, managing director of C4B, emphasised the importance of social media for communicating with customers and the presence of Google Plus in business’ marketing campaigns:

“Some people are reluctant to pick up the telephone for a minor query, and this is something that social media can help with. A simple question from a customer, followed by an accurate and timely response, will help to form a bond and demonstrate that you value their feedback and interaction.

“The significance of Google Plus’ entry this year can’t be ignored. Whilst Facebook and Twitter, with their widespread consumer appeal, and LinkedIn with its B2B benefits are obvious players, Google Plus is definitely on the rise.

“The positive SEO effects of using the platform means that businesses really should be considering Google Plus as a serious marketing channel if they want to improve their position in Google search rankings.”

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