Nearly Half of Small Business Owners Miss Christmas

UK small and medium business owners struggle to achieve work/life balance and many spent last Christmas working on email or in the office

Nearly Half of Small Business Owners Miss Christmas

Almost half (49%) of the UK’s small business owners worked on Christmas Day last year, according to Zurich’s latest SME Risk Index, with 32% working across email and another 18% actually going into the office.

The research indicated the challenges of achieving work/life balance with a further 9% having admitted to missing their child’s naivety play and 13% having missed the Christmas party.

Overall, business owners are missing out on important time off. 14% of entrepreneurs surveyed were still yet to take annual leave in 2015 while 18% had not had more than 10 days off in the year.

Jason Eatock, head of small and medium business at Zurich, said:

“It will come as no surprise to small and medium enterprises that despite commonly held views about the lifestyle benefits of working for yourself, the reality can be very different.

“As we look forward to taking some rest over the Christmas season, it seems current economic and political concerns are driving many of our small business owners to carry on working.”

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