Mobile Phones for Small Businesses

Selecting the most suitable Tariff and Business Package

All the networks offer a range of price plans for businesses and individuals. With a wide range of tariffs available, and high costs for some services, particularly those associated with data transmission, it’s important to consider carefully what your needs are. Time spent in carrying out extensive research could save you considerable sums of money in the long run. Speak to business advisors in the specialist mobile phone stores; visit the business pages of the network websites; speak to the network’s business advisors.

Most business packages are charged monthly and include phone handset rental plus bundles of inclusive talk minutes and text bundles, data services, etc. Important considerations when choosing a mobile phone package include:

Who do you and your staff call?

Costs vary depending on whether you call a landline, a mobile on the same network, or a mobile on another network, which can cost significantly more than same-network calls.

  • It’s more cost-effective to use a single network provider for all your mobile devices. Many packages include free calls between employees on the same account.
  • If most of your contacts’ phone numbers are based on one network, consider signing up for the same network to reduce costs.
  • If most of your calls are to landlines, look for a package which offers cheap landline rates or a bundle of landline/same network rates included.
  • If your contacts span a number of mobile networks, select a package offering good cross network rates or includes a bundle of inclusive minutes to all networks.
  • If many international calls are made, find out what international call options are available.

When are most calls made?

Most mobile packages have either a fixed rate all day, or a mixture of peak and off-peak rates. Most businesses make the majority of calls between 9am and 5pm. Therefore the best options are to select the package with the cheapest peak rates or a low fixed rate. If most calls are made outside conventional office hours, as in the case of shift workers, consider packages with the lowest off-peak rates or large bundles of off-peak minutes.

How many calls are made?

Most packages include a number of inclusive minutes depending on what you pay. Business packages usually allow you to split the inclusive minutes between all mobile users and carry minutes over into the next month. Packages can easily be changed if inclusive minutes are excessive or insufficient.

If very few calls are made, or you only use your mobile to receive calls, it may be more cost-effective to opt for pre-payment, or “pay as you go”. Call charges are more expensive than contract phones and there are no inclusive minutes. This is not normally advertised as a business service.

What level of technology do you need?

Increasingly businesses are using their mobile phones and PDAs for a combination of voice, text, international calls, email and data usage. The network providers are competing for your business and offer many different packages tailored to meet the individual needs of different types of organisation, with a range of special offers, introductory deals and ever more sophisticated devices to draw you in.

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