Military Backgrounds Make for ‘Stronger’ Performing Entrepreneurs

Ex-military senior managers and entrepreneurs believe their training has helped them to be more successful

The leadership skills and strategic planning learned in the armed forces transfer well to the business world, according to a new report.

Research from leading economist Professor Merlin Stone has shown that 62% of senior executives believe business leaders with a military background perform better under pressure, and 60% think that they are better at defining goals and motivating others to follow them.

The benefits of a military background extend beyond operating in established businesses, according to the report: 88% of ex-military entrepreneurs believe their training has helped them to be more successful, and 27% said it made raising funds easier. Similarly, nearly twice as many investment experts believe CEOs with a military background is a ‘positive’; and 38% of retail investors would be more willing to invest in a company with a CEO who has served in the armed forces.

Professor Stone said:

“The UK military is highly professional and well trained, but as a result of defence cuts many of its personnel are moving on from active service and entering the workplace, which is very good news for our economy and jobs.

“From an investment perspective, companies run by former military personnel have a measureable competitive advantage, and investors need to be aware of the opportunities this presents.”

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