Marketing on the Internet

5. Measuring Response

The usual test of marketing is the number of sales that result. Measure and analyse customer response to your site.

5.1 Track visitors to your site.

  • Online marketing is the most easily measured type of marketing.
  • You can see exactly where your visitors have come from, and what they do on your site.
  • Use web analytics to track visitors in detail. Google Analytics is comprehensive and free.
  • Examine which keywords visitors use to find your site and amend your site accordingly.
  • Track how visitors find your site, so you can see which of your advertising methods is working best.

5.2 Monitor the number of website visitors who convert to customers.

  • It is relatively easy to create a large volume of traffic, but it is better to create a smaller number of relevant visitors with a high conversion-to-sale ratio.
  • You may wish to establish some other key performance indicators. For example, the number of visitors per week or average spend per visitor.

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