Marketing on the Internet

4. Word-of-mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is as effective online as it is offline. Building a buzz of personal recommendations may not cost much, but it can bring in lots of new business.

4.1 Generate positive online coverage for your business.

  • Consider encouraging relevant bloggers, websites and online magazines to try out your products.
  • It is impossible to guarantee positive coverage and reviews, but if your products are good then the chance of negative coverage is small.
  • However, always be upfront and genuine. Most bloggers can detect deception a mile off, and will happily write about your efforts to curry their favour.

4.2 Start a blog of your own.

  • A blog is like an online diary. It allows you to put a human face on your business.
  • It can demonstrate what goes on in your business – with pictures of staff, information about your processes and more.
  • You can generate interest in forthcoming products by writing about them, or offer tips on how to use your products in different ways.
  • Allow readers to leave comments to create a real dialogue with your customers, and elicit valuable feedback.
  • You can set up a blog for free using a service like WordPress or Blogger.
  • There is a guide to business blogging on the Movable Type website. Good examples of business blogs include Moo and Avis.

4.3 Take part in online conversations.

  • You can raise the profile of your business by participating in online discussion forums.
  • Use search engines to find discussion groups or forums relevant to your industry.
  • Unsolicited advertising on forums is usually regarded as spam. nstead, get involved and answer queries. Your reputation will grow over time.

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