Making Technology Work


The Internet and World Wide Web can widen your search for any product to a global level.

Effective purchasing means finding supplies at the best price, delivered on time in the right amount and to the right specification. This can involve laborious administration and paperwork with the possibility of mistakes, creeping in at every stage. But now technology can help.

Darnton Tiling access their supplier’s Web site, check stock levels and delivery times, and reserve stock straight away via e-mail – all at a time convenient to them, not the supplier.

New ways to source supplies

As companies increasingly use the Internet to promote their products and services, for purchasers it offers a useful way to find and compare new suppliers. And just by searching on the name of a particularly type of product regularly, you can keep an eye out for a better or cheaper source than your existing supplier.

To check out long-distance suppliers, video conferencing can help you assess how appropriate a new product or service may be, without the need for an expensive site visit.

Over a quarter of companies with Internet access now utilise the Internet for making purchases.

Transform your paperwork

EDI streamlines transactions, allowing faster and simpler processing with less paperwork and fewer mistakes. By tying the system into stock control, stock holdings can be reduced and just-in-time deliveries encouraged.

Transmitting data electronically ensures tight, efficient control of the purchasing process and means you could get paid quicker.

A bar code system for goods-in linked to EDI can cut down on wrong deliveries and streamline stock processing, saving in inventory management and improving your cashflow.

Questions & Answers

Q. How can I tender for new contracts?
A. The European Union, governments and large businesses are all placing tenders on the Web – and expecting responses via the same technology. To be seen to be using the Internet for tendering purposes enhances a small business’ profile and prospects of securing a contract.

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