How to Make Your Business’ Relocation Easy on Your Employees

While relocation can be exciting for a business, it can be difficult on employees. Here’s how to make the process as easy as possible…

How to Make Your Business’ Relocation Easy on Your Employees

Whether your business is relocating elsewhere in the UK or moving abroad, it’s usually an interesting time and can open up a whole new world of opportunities and benefits for your firm. However, although relocating is an exciting prospect for a business, it can be very difficult on employees as it often requires them to move away from their home, not only putting stress on their own lifestyle but also their families and friends. Therefore, it is important, as a business owner, that you don’t neglect the needs of the employee or their family and it is essential that they suffer as little stress as possible during the relocation process. Here are a few tips on how to go about achieving this…

Hire specialised services

There are lots of services that you can use to ensure that the relocation is as stress free as possible for your staff. For example, there are plenty of removal companies that provide a service specifically designed to help make the relocation process easier for employees, whether it requires relocating somewhere else in the UK or abroad. Furthermore, there are relocation support services to make the transition seamless and ensure that your workers arrive refreshed and excited and not worn out after a stressful move.

Give your employees plenty of notice

Relocating your employees will mean that they have to adjust to a whole new personal and working lifestyle, therefore give your staff plenty of notice about the move. The more time you give them to get organised, the less stressful the whole process will be for them.

When you recruited your employees, some sort of mobility clause will have been put in their contract stating how much notice you need to give them. Therefore, make sure you follow this to avoid workers getting upset or any legal issues.

Consider employees’ feelings

It is important to be considerate of your employees’ feelings and listen to any requests that they may have, to make the process of moving easier. Put yourself in their situation and understand how hard it might be for them.

Although you might not have the time to be the business’ councillor, depending on your budget, you can offer them any additional services that they request that might help them through the relocation process.

Don’t hide anything from your employees

Let your employees feel part of the business by giving them a detailed explanation of everything that will be changing with the relocation. The more informed they are, the more likely they are going to feel at ease about the move. Don’t give them a false account of the new location as this will only cause tension and dissatisfaction once they have made the transition – this can not only hurt employee moral but may in turn affect the productivity of your business.

Find the balance

Although making the relocation process easier for your employees is very important, at the same time, it shouldn’t jeopardise the business in any way. As a professional business owner, you will need to find a healthy balance between the individual needs of your staff and those of your business. This will involve careful planning and a lot of organisation so that the best combination is achieved for both your business and your employee’s welfare.

This article was written by Laura Harrison on behalf of Abels, one of the top removal companies in the UK.

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