Majority of Brands Deemed ‘Selfish’ As Consumers Lose Faith in Advertising

Just 3% of people feel that businesses understand their needs with small businesses urged to rethink their strategies or risk losing custom

Majority of Brands Deemed ‘Selfish’ As Consumers Lose Faith in Advertising

An incredible 88% of UK consumers believe that brands are “completely selfish” with 72% under the impression that brands just talk about themselves, according to a report by marketing agency Sense.

Surveying 2,000 UK consumers, the Generous Brands report raised a worrying trend with half of all consumers more cynical towards brands then they were five years ago.

80% of consumers said they believe advertising is “boring”; 70% said they would be more likely to buy a product that is advertised through ‘real actions’ rather than ‘traditional advertising’.

Of the consumers surveyed, just 3% believe brands understand their needs and Sense has urged small businesses to rethink their strategies or risk losing custom.

On the back of the research, Alex Smith, planning director at Sense, has advised businesses to try to become a “generous brand”:

“A generous brand takes an interest in people’s lives, it does things for them and puts its money where its mouth is.Our research shows that people would be more open to brands that behave generously and show commitment to improve their lives.

“To do this they need to change their approach, as most people find existing campaigns boring and are four times more likely to trust a brand that connects with people through real actions in the real world rather than just advertising.”

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