Limited Liability Partnerships

Change of limited liability partnership name

1. Are there any restrictions on the new name a limited liability partnership can choose?

Yes. They are identical to the restrictions applying to a new limited liability partnership seeking registration. So, before you decide on a new name for your limited liability partnership, please read Choosing a limited liability partnership name. If you choose an unacceptable name, Companies House will not register it.

If a name is registered that is too similar to another already on the index and an objection is made, then the Secretary of State may direct your limited liability partnership to change its name. For information on the Secretary of State’s powers, see Directions to change a limited liability partnership name.

2. How is the name changed?

The limited liability partnership must complete a Form LLP3. The form must then be signed by a designated member and sent to the Registrar, with the fee (currently £10). Companies House also offer a premium same-day service, which costs £50. The same-day service can only be guaranteed where the LLP3 is hand delivered before 3pm to their Cardiff or Edinburgh offices. If all is in order, Companies House will then process the form and issue a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name. The name of the limited liability partnership is not changed until the new certificate is issued.

The Companies House fees changed on 1 February 2005. Click here for a full list of the new fees.

3. How long does this take?

If all the documents are correct, the change of name will normally be processed within five working days from receipt at Companies House.

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