A Small Business Guide to Leadership

We look at the key ways employers can inspire and encourage their staff – and create a team that drives your business' growth

A Small Business Guide to Leadership

The Next Steps

There is a tremendous amount that managers can do to increase workforce motivation and engagement by encouraging and developing more inspirational leadership.

We are grateful to the organisations listed on this page, which have all contributed to the research for this business advice article on leadership. Each organisation can provide help and advice on leadership and management development for individuals and for all types of organisations.


CBI (The Confederation of British Industry)
Visit www.cbi.org.uk
Call 020 7395 8186

Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD)
Visit www.centerforhighperformance.com
Call 0870 7700111

CMI (Chartered Management Institute)
Visit www.managers.org.uk
Call 01536 207373

Visit www.investorsinpeople.co.uk
Call 020 7467 1900

Inspired Leaders Network
Visit www.inspiredleaders.com
Call 020 7886 6068

Institute of Directors
Visit www.iod.com
Call 020 7766 2601

General Business Advice

You can also get a range of general business advice from the following organisations:




Northern Ireland

  • Call Invest Northern Ireland on 028 9023 9090
  • Visit the website at www.investni.com

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