Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – STOP The Internal Rot!

STOP The Internal Rot!

This is key.

If you have staff, then it’s very likely that they too, will also be worried about the current economic situation. Don’t forget, your staff are also being fed this diet of doom and gloom from the media!

Be open and honest with them. If your employees are seeing cutbacks, redundancies – then naturally they will only think the worse. i.e. who’s next?! You need to educate them. Create an atmosphere of honesty and positivity, and not ‘backs to the walls’ staff meetings.

Your staff can help you turn this around, but not if they are subjected to a stream of negativity both inside and outside of your office. Instead try this…

Explain the current situation your business is in (either good or bad, or a mixture) and ask for ideas. You need to maintain a culture of optimism. You may remember earlier, I suggested that most of all your clients want reassurance, well so do your staff! They want to know that have a job to come back to.

So again, I would strongly advise you organise a series of ‘recession proof’ staff meetings, where everyone can contribute suggestions and ways forward.

Additionally you could also ask your staff to come up with cost saving ideas. They are on the front lines each and every day. What would they suggest you could do to ensure you cut costs, but also continue to thrive? Reward anyone that comes up with a great solution or concept. In other words, get your staff involved. Don’t ignore them.

Andrew Ludlam is a qualified business adviser, marketing consultant and trainer, specialising in helping business owners position themselves as authorities in their field. To discover more, visit Maverick Marketing Consultancy

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