Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Don’t Ignore Stuff!

Don’t Ignore Stuff!

There is a tendency, well, a strong tendency, to feel that if we ignore things ‘they will go away’. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, this probably isn’t going to happen and especially in business!

I always urge clients to be ‘active not reactive’ (regardless of the state of the economic climate). As business owners you are innovators, you drive your business. So keep things moving! In tough economic times, it can be difficult to maintain any sense of optimism: even iconic stalwarts of the high street have disappeared, and I’m sure you’ve noticed how your local parade of shops seems to change hands, month in month out.

So this may in fact be a good time to really take stock of how your business is performing: to look at your business, critically, and examine every aspect of it. Time maybe to move away from what, as a business, you ‘do okay’ at and instead fire-up and market what you ‘do brilliantly’.

You can’t drive your business from the passenger seat. Yet, many businesses are simply run like this; reactive as opposed to being proactive.

As I said mentioned in the previous article, the only economy that matters is your economy. Do not rely on the government or others to help out: VAT rates go up, VAT rates go down, officials who should know better, don’t know any better. There is one and only one area of the business you can ultimately affect and control: your reaction and the action you take. So appreciate that the outlook may not be great, and then plan ahead.

Don’t wait for that light at the end of the tunnel, as it could be a train coming the other way!

Andrew Ludlam is a qualified business adviser, marketing consultant and trainer, specialising in helping business owners position themselves as authorities in their field. To discover more, visit Maverick Marketing Consultancy

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