Key Aspects Businesses Should Consider in Today’s Technological Environment

An essential guide to making the most of social media in your business

Key Aspects Businesses Should Consider in Today’s Technological Environment

As more and more technological devices are introduced into the market, technology is becoming ever more influential on consumers lifestyles. Therefore, it is vital that businesses keep up with consumer’s trends and demands in new technology and must implement it into their digital marketing strategy.

Social Networking

Social media should be an integral part of any businesses marketing strategy. It is not only a great way to build brand awareness, but is also an effective way to create online relationships between the business and its customers as well an excellent driver of sales. For example, 12% of consumers said they had purchased a product online because of info they found on twitter and in 2012, Pinterest was the most cost effective at driving sales and Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media driven purchases.

Businesses should broaden their social media platform as much as possible as the more platforms they have, the more they will be building brand awareness. However, it is absolutely essential that businesses communicate a consistent brand message across all channels so that a clear brand identity is established. Furthermore, it is vital that businesses understand their target market so that they can communicate with them in a way that will attract their consumers.


The popularity of video has rocketed over recent years, with YouTube becoming the second largest search engine in the world. Every month, YouTube has over 6 million unique visitors and 1 million users watch online video every day. Furthermore, 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. These statistics prove just how important online video has become for businesses in today’s technological society.

There are lots of different video production companies out there that can help businesses build the most effective video for their company that successfully communicates the correct brand message. And once the video has been created, businesses can distribute it across their various social media platforms (the more the better) maximising exposure and as a result driving traffic to businesses websites and leading to more sales. Research has found that video is often more powerful than text posts with it being shared approximately 12 times more.


The growth in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones after the last 18 months is absolutely phenomenal and around 64% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to shop or browse online. With shoppers frequently using their smartphones devices to buy or browse, any businesses lagging behind will forfeit a substantial generator of sales.

Mobile is only expected to continue growing as more models are introduced into the market combined with the introduction of 4G and faster broadband speeds. According to Big Fork, a company that offers website design in Norwich, by 2014, 50% of all website visitors will be from tablets and smartphones. What’s more, Mastercard predicts that m-commerce will eventually overtake the physical store, website and call centre as the most important communication channel with customers. These figures demonstrate just how important it is for businesses to have a mobile strategy in the near future if they have not already implemented one.

This business advice article, Key Aspects Businesses Should Consider in Today’s Technological Environment, was written by Laura Harrison, a technology and business writer for Lambda Films and Big Fork.

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